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My Personal Views on Dooyeweerd

Since I am 'gatekeeper' of The Dooyeweerd Pages, it is only right that you should know something of my own understanding and opinions of Dooyeweerd's ideas, so that you can adjust anywhere where you think they might have distorted the Pages.

I set out here some of my own views, and will (hopefully) expand on them at a later date.

** NOTE: This was written six years ago, and during that time my views have changed enormously, not least because I have discovered areas of Dooyeweerdian thought that I did not at first appreciate, and some early misunderstandings have been set right. So the text below is due for a major overhaul. Nevertheless, much of my views remain intact. A.B. 23 November 2005 **

Positive about his Positive Philosophy

Positive about Dooyeweerd's Critical Philosophy


As you can see, few of these negatives are germane to his framework.
This is part of The Dooyeweerd Pages, which explain, explore and discuss Dooyeweerd's interesting philosophy. Questions or comments are very welcome.

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