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The Uniqueness and Contribution of Each Aspect

Each aspect contributes some possibility that no other aspects do, and which cannot be reduced to other aspects. And what each contributes depends for its actualization and fulfilment on all the other aspects.

This is why all we do and are is multi-aspectual. It is also why, when using aspects to analyse or understand something, we improve clarity.

Aspect Meaning kernel Concepts meaningful What this aspect adds
Quantitative Discrete amount Quantity Starts with reliable ordering of less, more
Spatial Continuous extension Shape, proximity, position, overlap, surrounding Adds simultaneity and extendedness, and continuousness
Kinematic Movement Route, path, direction Adds moving forward
Physical Energy, force Force, fields, Adds causal ability, irreversibility and peristence
Biotic / Organic Life functions Organism, organ, species, Adds distinct organism of a type and its self-maintenance, and reproduction according to type
Psychic / Sensitive Sensitivity Interactions (stimulus and response) Adds ability of organism to respond to what is going on nearby
Analytical Distinction Distinct concepts Adds ability to focus on one thing and blot out others, and to conceptualize, and to deconstruct
Formative Formative power Structure, plan, achievement Adds ability to achieve or construct freely according to intention
Lingual Symbolic signification Signification Adds ability to parcel up pieces of meaningfulness external to organism so as to be available to others
Social Social intercourse Collaboration Adds association, agreement
Economic Frugal care of resource Resource Adds ability to control oneself in employment of resources
Aesthetic Harmony, enjoyment Holism, beauty, Adds ability to enjoy life and value the non-necessary
Juridical Due Justice, reward, punishment, guilt, legislation Adds rightness and wrongness and guidance
Ethical Self-giving love Sacrifice, voluntary, generosity Adds ability to go beyond right and wrong into extra goodness, and to give of oneself others
Pistic / Faith Belief and commitment Assumption, presupposition, expectation; aspiration, Adds courage and motivation and openness to the Divine

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