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Langemeyer on Dooyeweerd

The following is an excerpt from Evan Runner's 1977 article in The Banner, just after Dooyeweerd's death.

... Meanwhile, ironically, a distinguished colleague of Dooyeweerd's who did not share his Christian faith has offered us an estimate of the historic significance of Dooyeweerd's work. On the occasion of Dooyeweerd's 7Oth birthday, in a special newspaper article, Prof. G.E.Langemeyer, a man of socialist persuasion, for many years professor of legal philosophy at the University of Leiden, prosecutor general of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands and for several years president of the Royal Academy of Science and Letters, had this to say:

"It may seem strange that on the 7Oth birthday of a philosopher of such pronounced religious and political persuasion as Dooyeweerd, tribute is paid by a jurist with an entirely different world-view and political persuasion. However, there is every reason to put the question what the significance of this philosopher is for Dutch philosophy of whatever persuasion, or even for philosophy in general, without any restriction of nationality. For without any exaggeration Dooyeweerd can be called the most original philosopher Holland has ever produced, Spinoza himself not excepted".

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