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Strategic Frameworks for Understanding Information Systems

This is a summary of how Dooyeweerdian philosophy might be used to form strategic frameworks for understanding five major areas of information systems:

A Dooyeweerdian approach, which denies that anything 'is' anything 'in itself' because it is based on Meaning rather than Being, cannot start at the first and work along the list, nor with the last and work backwards. Instead, it must start with the meaning of information technology, and that entails human usage. This gives us first a pivotal framework.

The page is only a first draft, and is a summary of the results in Basden's forthcoming book A Philosophy for Information Systems; apologies: many of the entries are as yet terse, but I plan to expand them in due time. If you want clarification, please email me.
A box just below an entry, on right hand side, gives the part in Dooyeweerd's philosophy that relates to that entry.
('FFU' = framework for understanding)

The Pivotal Framework

Where to start:

Computers and information can only be understood by reference to human beings and human usage of computers.

The centrality of the human, or rather that it is the human aspects that provide most important meaning; Dooyeweerdian orientation towards Meaning

Thus all FFUs pivot on human usage of computers

Constructing Frameworks for Understanding Human Use of Computer Systems

Philosophical basis for differentiating driving (ease of use) from using (usefulness)

Aspect sets of ease of use v. usefulness

FFU Ease of Use, Driving the UI:

FFU Usefulness in Application:

Observations on how Dooyeweerdian philosophy has been useful.

Constructing Frameworks for Understanding Nature of Computers

Nature of computers is their Meaning before their Being

Dooyeweerd's orientation towards Meaning r.t. Being.

"What means computer?": aspectual functioning

"What is computer?": aspectual beings (reified aspects)

Observations on how we have used Dooyeweerd's philosophy:

Constructing Frameworks for Understanding Shaping of Information Technologies

Link to pivotal framework: Develops the set of aspects of application task

FFU the process of researching and developing information technologies

FFU the shapes that information technologies take:

This points to major new research programme, since it does not seem to have been attempted before.

Observations on how we have used Dooyeweerdian philosophy.

Constructing Frameworks for Understanding Information Systems Development

FFU that looks forward to eventual usage

FFU the process of development

FFU looking forward to eventual use:

Observations of how Dooyeweerdian philosophy has been used.

Constructing Frameworks for Understanding Technological Ecology

The difference from other frameworks: humans inside information technology;

Technology as Umwelt).

FFU Technology: Schuurman's Account of Technology

FFU Inscription of Technology:

FFU perspectives on technology:

Observations on how we have used Dooyeweerdian philosophy.

This page is part of a collection that discusses application of Herman Dooyeweerd's ideas, within The Dooyeweerd Pages, which explain, explore and discuss Dooyeweerd's interesting philosophy. Email questions or comments would be welcome.

Written on the Amiga and Protext.

Compiled by (c) 2003 Andrew Basden. You may use this material subject to conditions.

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