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Netscape Fall - an Aspectual Analysis

The following is an account of the fall of the Netscape Navigator browser from its dominant position produced by one of our students (May 2002). This part concerns the problems inherent in Netscape itself. We can see that each is anti-normative functioning in one or more aspects:

The problem Aspect How anti- normative
Tempted top management away from other companies to satisfy its own needs Ethical Self-seeking rather than self-giving
Rate of change too great for employees to cope. Formative Bifurcation with the past
Underlying motivation was to beat Microsoft Pistic A vision that was both unrealistic and unworthy
Personality clashes Social, with pistic overtones Allowing enmities to develop
Employee dissatisfaction Sensory-psychic Feeling of dissatisfaction
Millions rather than billions Quantitative -
Should have hired appropriate employees Juridical Inappropriateness
Released products not sufficiently tested Formative The formative process had not been completed
Had not developed adequate testing procedures Formative Testing is a vital part of many formative processes
Product was not up to expected standards Aesthetic, Juridical Expectations, What was due
Unreliable products that could not trust Pistic result Lack of trust
Felt need to keep up with the competition (especially in terms of frequent software releases) Pistic Saw themselves as essentially competitors. What they 'sold themselves' to was competing with Microsoft
Did not have the sufficient resources for such a rapid rate and range of software development (the number of releases they felt forced to make) Economic Not recognising, and skilfully adjusting to, the limitations of their resources.
Lost their focus Pistic Vision was lost
Could have made themselves more secure by diversifying (had a limited product range) [I include this though I disagree with it] Aesthetic Lacked a rich diversity
Over reliance on one product Pistic Too great reliance on non-divine

This page is part of a collection that discusses application of Herman Dooyeweerd's ideas, within The Dooyeweerd Pages, which explain, explore and discuss Dooyeweerd's interesting philosophy. Email questions or comments would be welcome.

Written on the Amiga and Protext.

Compiled by (c) 2002 Andrew Basden. You may use this material subject to conditions.

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