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The Dooyeweerd Pages

The Dooyeweerd Pages is a growing website designed to aid scholars in understanding the philosophical framework of the late Herman Dooyeweerd -

"The most profound,
innovative and
philosopher since Kant." [1]

Youtube: The Genius and Value of Dooyeweerd's Philosophy

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Dooyeweerd's philosophy is unusual and interesting in several ways:

1. It might be the best philosophy of everyday life yet available. With Pragmatism, Phenomenology and Existentialism, it takes everyday life seriously but, whereas they employ theoretical thinking to understand the pre-theoretical, Dooyeweerd employs the pre-theoretical attitude to understand the theoretical.

2. Dooyeweerd puts meaningfulness and normativity (law) at the centre, as the ground for existence, process, ethics and rationality. (Most philosophers either ignore meaningfulness or treat it as a mere byproduct of subjective or intersubjective attribution.)

3. Dooyeweerd went deeper than Kant, Husserl, Habermas, Bhaskar or Foucault in understanding the non-neutrality of theoretical thinking in sciences and philosophy, penetrating to the very attitude of thought. With a wide-ranging immanent critique of 3000 years of thinking with a deeper transcendental critique than these applied, he revealed inescapable religious presuppositions underlying all theoretical activity.

4. What Heidegger did for Being, Dooyeweerd did for Meaningfulness. Dooyeweerd can heal the Cartesian rift between subject and object and the Kantian gulf between ontology and epistemology, without denying any of them.

Dooyeweerd's philosophy is valuable because:

1. Dooyeweerd may be the best philosopher of everyday experience to have emerged so far, in that he gave enormous respect to its diversity and coherence, and he refused to subject it to theorizing but let it speak for itself.

2. It is no wonder that his suite of aspects has become Valuable in practical analysis and action. It has proven useful in a number of fields. An inherent normativity makes it useful for action as well as analysis.

3. Valuable in research across fields in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Dooyeweerd provides a new understanding of sciences and disciplines, and a foundation for interdisciplinarity. His transcendental critique offers fresh explanations of the dialectical tensions that prevail in many fields, and possibilities of overcoming them.

3. Valuable in philosophy. Dooyeweerd provides new foundations for understanding meaning and law, being and time, diversity and coherence, functioning and repercussions, subject and object, intuition and knowledge.

Structure of Site:

  • About the Site - history and analyses of usage.

    Main Pages

    An Overview of Dooyeweerdian Ideas

    The following provide direct links to some areas of Dooyeweerd's philosophical framework that provide new and useful perspectives on issues that face us. If you cannot find what you want here, try another List of Topics, that has more detail over a narrower scope.

    "Most impressive about Dooyeweerd are his universal interest,
    his multidisciplinary competence and his respect for empirical data.
    I know no philosopher who laboured so hard
    to understand the essence of all diciplines
    in the whole spectrum of scholarly endeavours
    nor one who contributed so fundamentally to their foundations,
    from theology, history, law and the social sciences
    to biology, physics and mathematics." [2]

    The Different 'Flavour' of Dooyeweerd's Thought

    "All else is a footnote to Plato" wrote A.N. Whitehead. Most Western thought since then has made similar presuppositions to those the ancient Greeks made. Dooyeweerd questioned them ...

    Dooyeweerd's Theory of Modal Aspects

    Perhaps the best-known of Dooyeweerd's ideas. A philosophically sound basis for diversity and coherence, and for interdisciplinarity. But much more than that.

    On Being Human

    Dooyeweerd says two things about being human: multi-aspectual functioning, and the human ego, selfhood or heart. He accounts for human life, needs, potential, etc. by reference to multi-aspect functioning, and thereby avoids Platonism, Scholasticism and mysticism.

    But he also posits a supra-aspectual human ego or selfhood, and thereby avoids functionalism.

    Knowledge, Thinking, Theory and Practice

    Dooyeweerd "made the structure of theoretical thought transparent" (Klapwijk, 1991) - as well as other types of thinking and knowledge ...

    On Normativity and Ought

    To Dooyeweerd, norms are basic and enable rather than constrain. Pages only started ...

    Dooyeweerd's Theory of Existence

    If meaning is primary, then entities (incl. systems, activities, events, etc.) gain their existence from aspectual functioning:

    Dooyeweerd's Theory of Time

    Like Heidegger, Dooyeweerd tried to work out what Time is. He concluded that time is the 'bottom layer' of created reality, and that the religious humen self transends time.

    On Presuppositions, Ground Motives, Dualisms, etc.

    Dooyeweerd made an in-depth critique of theoretical thinking over 2,500 years, and held that thinking is founded on presupposition (and in doing so pefigured much of the most recent post-positivist thought of people like Polanyi and Habermas). This major part of his thought is as yet poorly represented here, but will be added later.

    Dooyeweerd's Attempt at a 'Christian' Philosophy

    Dooyeweerd was convinced that philosophy, even that undertaken by Christian thinkers, had been antithetic to the Biblical worldview. He tried to find out the root of this antithesis, and to construct a new style of 'Christian' philosophy.

    Bits and Pieces

    Here are links to other portions of Dooyeweerd's thought.

    Notes and References

    Note 1. Giorgio Delvecchio, Neo-Kantian philosopher.

    Note 2. Harry van der Laan, Astronomer, University of Leiden

    Disclaimer: The expression of Dooyeweerd's philosophy in these pages is, of course, not unbiased - though it does try to be open to all views. As I look back, I realise that it tends to see Dooyeweerd through a lens of holism and downplays some of the classic philosophical topics like subject-v-object, sacred-v-secular or types of things, and instead perhaps overplays everyday experience, meaningfulness, normativity and multi-aspectual functioning. Dooyeweerd himself, I think, focused on both, the former partly because he needed to set his ideas within the whole history of philosophy, and the latter because he saw them as important within his ground-motive.

    This page, "", is the home page of The Dooyeweerd Pages, which explain, explore and discuss Dooyeweerd's fascinating philosophy. Questions or comments are very welcome.

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