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Aspects of The Suite Of Aspects

It is interesting to discern that most aspects in Dooyeweerd's suite characterize the entire suite of aspects:

Table 1. Aspectual characteristics of the whole suite of aspects
Aspect Characteristic of suite of aspects
Quantitative There are a number of them (approximately 15), in before-and-after sequence.
Spatial Around their kernels are spheres, which merge into each other.
Kinematic Meaning moves to and fro along the aspects.
Physical Temporal functioning enabled by the aspects is irreversible, always moving forward.
Biotic Just as organs are necessary to an organism, so the aspects are all necessary to the suite.
Sensitive ?
Analytical The aspectual kernels are distinct as to their meaning.
Formative The aspects enable temporal reality to achieve something significant.
Lingual The aspects express some of what God reveals of his character.
Social The aspects work together, each with a role.
Economic The aspects are never wasteful.
Aesthetic The aspects (when rightly responded to) work in harmony, without conflict.
Juridical The aspects are spheres of law.
Ethical The aspects all serve each other, rather themselves.
Pistic The aspects can be trusted.

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